About - Fitness for Polo

Fitness for Polo is the first company in the world dedicated to the fitness and well-being of the polo player. Fitness for Polo brings the advantages, the benefits and the ideals of fitness training for polo to everyone, subverting the luxury role of the personal trainer in polo and showing everyone that they can reap the rewards of a training plan designed specifically for polo.

Through our services both in person (Group Training Sessions and Seminars and online (eBooksChallenges, Online Workouts - coming soon -), we open polo fitness up to a wider audience, something that can only be to the sport’s long term benefit.

Polo has gone from strength to strength in recent years, gaining popularity and support all over the world. One of the main ideas behind Fitness for Polo, is to encourage an increase in people’s awareness of fitness as a vital part of the sport. An increased communal consciousness of fitness will make the sport more professional, safer and more fun for everyone involved. It will also help people to improve faster and see a big difference in their polo without having to have the luxury of a huge budget. Both newcomers and pros alike can take great steps in their polo with the help of our resources and this will have a positive impact on the sport.

What makes us at Fitness for Polo unique is our focus on you and on your specific needs. We are all about discovering passion and helping people to reach their goals both on and off the field. We want to help you to be your best, create an impact and strive to be world class no matter what level you’re starting from.

About - Martin Perez

Martin Perez is a physical coach for polo players. One of the leading experts on fitness training specifically tailored for polo, he has worked for over 7 years with some of the top teams and players all around the world (Nachi Heguy, Eduardo Heguy, Pepe Heguy, Juan Ignacio Merlos, Agustin Merlos, Sebastian Merlos, to name a few).

He graduated from the Romero Brest Institute at the National High Sports Performance Centre, in Buenos Aires - Argentina with a degree in Physical Education, and distinctions in different areas: Functional Training, Nutrition for Athletes, Thai Massage, High Performance Sports Training and Biomechanics Analysis of the Human Motion.

All of the above have led him to be highly qualified and experienced in the design and execution of fitness solutions, exercises and sport specific drills. This combined with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the game of polo is what makes him one of the most sought after fitness coaches for polo players of all levels, as well as the go to polo fitness guide for Pololine and PQ, and brand ambassador for popular clothing company, Spiritual Gangster.

He continues to improve his training plans by studying and researching all the latest trends, physical assessments, and technology resources available, together with constant practice of this amazing sport.