Who is Martin Perez? 

A Physical Coach of Polo Players, Martin Perez has trained people for fitness and different sports since 2005, and from 2008 has dedicated himself full time to Polo. He has worked with more than 50 polo players around the world, preparing them physically for competition as well as doing warm-ups, cool-downs and stretching during practices and games.

He is the first trainer to create an online training program for polo players as well as the founder of Fitness for Polo LLC. 

With a degree in Physical Education, and distinctions in different areas: Functional Training, Nutrition for Athletes, Thai Massage, High Performance Sports Training and Biomechanics Analysis of the Human Motion, he continues improving his training plans, studying and searching the latest trends, physical  assessments, and technology resources, together with a constant practice of this amazing sport.

What is Fitness for Polo?

Fitness for Polo is the leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for professional and amateur polo players.

How do I contact Fitness for Polo? 

You can contact Fitness for Polo directly by filling out our Contact form.

How much does it cost to train with the Fitness for Polo team?

The cost to train with the Fitness for Polo team depends on your needs, the services desired, and the length of the program. There are different programs and packages available for a variety of prices. For more information, fill out our Contact form.

How is Fitness for Polo different from other personal trainers who work with professional polo players? 

What sets Fitness for Polo apart is our commitment to excellence and to every player that comes to us. Fitness for Polo offers: 

A unique approach to helping players reach their goals

One on one, body composition testing, and body analysis.

Individualized programs tailored to each players' needs

A private and fully confidential environment for players to train (we don't release our player's names to the public without permission)

Can I train with the Fitness for Polo professionals if my team has specified an offseason training program for me?

Yes. Fitness for Polo takes pride in working with teams and players to complement and execute team-specified training. We've worked closely in the past with therapists and sports medicine teams, and dedicate ourselves to meeting both team and player goals. 

Do you offer training with Fitness for Polo for non-elite players? 

Yes. Fitness for Polo offers programs for amateur, collegiate, student, and youth players, and players of all ages and levels who are dedicated to maximizing their performance.

Can Fitness for Polo help me maintain my training year round?

A major emphasis of our program is the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and training schedule that provides our players with benefits long after they've left to different parts of the world to play. We keep in regular contact with players throughout the year, and each player leaves with a program designed to help them continue improving. In addition, see our Online Training programs.

Are Fitness for Polo team members available for conferences and education courses? 

Yes. For Fitness for Polo team member availability or to explore opportunities for group mentorship programs, contact Martin Perez at martinperez@fitnessforpolo.com