Our Guides are a great way for you to train wherever and whenever you decide. Sadly we can't be everywhere at once but with these helpful training aids we can at least be there in spirit with you as you embark on your Fitness for Polo journey and start to discover the benefits of sport specific training routines.

Exercise Guide

Kickstart your fitness regime specifically designed for polo. This guide provides you with a large array of easy-to-do exercises that can be performed at home, at the gym or on the polo field and will help you to become a healthier and stronger polo player.



Online Training Guide

For those of you looking for the complete Fitness for Polo experience we would suggest the Online Training Guide, a simple and effective training guide that contains all of our favourite exercises, drills and stretches to help you in all areas of polo.This Guide comes with complimentary copies of our Exercise and Fitball Guides (as seen on this page) plus a bonus Stretching Guide, giving you everything you need to become fitter, stronger and healthier for polo.


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FitBall Guide

This book will guide you through exercises using the FitBall, an element that will help you to target those key areas most in need of strengthening for polo. Great exercises to add to or kick start you workout routine and help you to become a healthier and stronger polo player.


Work hard, play harder!