Online Training Guide

What is the Online Training Guide?

Online training is a tried and tested, new fitness approach that will help you to train correctly and increase your performance, no matter where you are. With our vast experience in the sport and the results we’ve gotten along these years, we are ready to take you to the next step in Polo! Our Online Training Guide is a three day workout plan designed mainly with the exercises from our Exercises Guides (included on the download page exclusively as part of this deal - otherwise available seperately on Amazon), our PQ video series, and our Hand Eye Coordination Challenges, all available on our website!

screenOnlineTrainingGuideHow would it help me?

This Training Guide was designed to increase your fitness condition during your polo season. By following our guidelines, and performing each exercise with the correct technique you can improve your fitness levels and your game in a safe and controlled way. You don't need to stop playing, practising or riding, you can do any of these workouts alongside your polo schedule. It also comes with our After Game Stretching sheet which is highly recommended by professional players as the "How to Recover after Playing" resource.

How can I use it?

Once you pay for the guide, you will be redirected to a download page which is Password Protected. At the same time you will get an email with your password that will give you access to it! Download both the Training Guide and the Stretching Sheet and get going! You will also be added to our Fitness for Polo community which is full of new exciting things! Get the Guide now and see you on the other side!