Our Fitness for Polo Seminars teach players a new and comprehensive way to enjoy polo. Through them we promote wellness and help guests to achieve their polo goals which are both our passion and our priority. Every seminar places a major emphasis on the educational components of training. Only by understanding our specific training methods, and how each applies to polo, can you truly achieve greater success.

So during the 2-3hr fitness clinic guests will learn all about the importance behind specific polo training, as well as how to properly train, warm up and recover specifically for polo. The seminar also covers basic anatomy and polo bio-mechanics, how to improve technique through different exercises and fitness solutions plus a short section on nutrition and hydration.

Guests then head outside to put into practice all that has been learnt. They are taught different warm ups, cool downs, drills and exercises (nothing too physically demanding) that will help any player to prepare better for matches, avoid injury and to fix any swing flaws.

This is a hugely interactive, new and fun event which will not only teach players about the benefits of training for polo but could also help to improve their game and their lifestyle.

All guests also receive a free copy of our exclusive Exercise Guide

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We have given seminars in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and UK.

Please get in touch if this is an event that your club would be interested in offering this exciting new event to members and players.

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