The ability to travel thousands of kilometers in a few hours on a plane is one of the wonders of the modern world and is something that many polo players do on a regular basis, traveling between the seasons or traveling home or abroad for tournaments and matches. However, there are some physical drawbacks to such travel and our bodies often pay the price for such rapid movement between countries and timezones. Many players do not pay close attention to what is happening to their bodies as they fly, often underestimating the impact that travel has on their bodies, and they are surprised when the next day they do not play their best polo.

Generally, when we move from one continent to another in a short time, our body suffers and we feel tired, sleepy, suffer from headaches or other discomforts. Perhaps you do not notice these side effects during the flight, but if you experience any of these feelings when you arrive to your destination, it is because you have been joined on your journey by one of the worst fellow passengers: jet lag.

Jet lag occurs when we have traveled through several meridians because our circadian rhythm needs time to adjust to the new schedule and we suffer slight or severe discomfort.

These “easy to do” tips will help you next time you travel.

Nutrition and hydration: try to follow a balanced diet and stay hydrated all the time. Eat light foods and lots of vitamin C to avoid any stomach heaviness.

During the flight you should try to sleep, especially if the flight time is at night. Sleeping will help maintain your biorhythm When not sleeping it is a good idea to keep active. Walking as well as exercises and stretches will help to prevent muscle numbness and will help your body to acclimatize better on arrival. Alcohol and coffee should be avoided because they promote dehydration.

Give yourself time after the flight to readjust, rest and acclimatize. Don’t get straight out on to the polo field but always try to give yourself one extra day to allow your body to get used to the shock of travel.