Nowadays with the high level of consciousness around health and fitness, there are a lot of brands that are delivering great outfits specially designed for training. Worldwide there are over 190 different registered brands which are constantly reinventing their brands due to new technology and inspiration.

The possibility to choose workout clothing depending on each person’s individual tastes is accessible to all. Many people make their choices based on the latest fashions or friend’s recommendations, but really one should try out different things and find what suits you best and what allows you to move best and most freely in all the movements required for the activity that you are doing.

There are also a few tricks to dressing for workouts that many people aren’t aware, but are useful to pay attention to:

¥ Regardless of the type of training, you should not use clothing that is too tight that might impinge blood circulation.
¥ Avoid wearing too many layers, especially when it’s warm, as this can lead to dehydration. Sweating more does mot mean you are burning more calories.
¥ For women, don’t put on make up before going to the gym or taking exercise. Make up prevents the skin from breathing as it is supposed to when we exercise.
¥ Choose a breathable material. Look for synthetic fibres that allow your skin to breathe and that wick away the sweat from your body. This will help keep your body fresh as you train. Polyester and lycra both work well. The problem with material such as cotton is that, although it is soft and comfortable and is fine for light exercise such as walking or stretching, when it gets wet it gets heavy and sticks to the body in a way that is not good for activity or more strenuous workouts.
¥ If you are training during colder weather, winter or early in the morning or late in the evening use layers for exercising. If you are exercising outside you should make sure to keep warm, but use clothes that you can take off easily as your body temperature starts to rise during the session.
¥ Choose clothes that you like. Although functionality and a good fit are the most important factors, you want to feel good while you exercise. If you don’t it is too easy to fall into the trap of missing a session.

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Until then stay active and keep healthy!

Your Fitness for Polo trainer,