Lower back pain


In a very interesting article called The Origin of Certain Injuries, Prof Eduardo Amaya discusses the possible reasons and causes behind lower back pain in polo players. It is very important for players to take in to account how injuries occur and what is happening in their bodies as they play polo. Amaya’s account helps to explain the some of the traumas that our bodies are suffering as we ride/ swing/ ride off and the effects that these traumas can have on our bodies. Understanding how your body works is the first step in learning how to fix it. He ends his article saying:


“Polo is a sport that places much pressure on the spine. It is fundamental, therefore, that we train this area, since it supports the superior part of the body and is the core of both riding and striking movements”


So that’s where I come in. I’m going to give you various very simple and useful exercises that you can perform daily that will not only help to ease lower back pain but in fact help to prevent it from occurring in the first place. These stretches are designed to target those problem areas in polo players that come under so much strain.


As well as following the steps outlined by Prof Eduardo Amaya in terms of riding correctly to avoid lower back injury there are several things that you can do off the horse in order to maintain a healthy lower back:


Taking regular exercise at least twice a week – making sure to manage your energy levels in order to be at the peak energy output at the moment you need it most – while playing polo.

A good warm up before each polo stimulus – this will help you to increase your body temperature, reduce muscle stiffness and avoid injuries.

A good stretching session after is advisable – in order to help you to recover faster, relax your body and keep your muscles healthy for your next polo game.

Massage – always a good idea as it is a very good practice to prevent soreness, eliminate waste products that come about as a result of exercising, relax your body and mind, and alleviate muscular pain.


So what are these exercises that are going to stop your aches and pains and give you a healthier, stronger and more powerful lower back and core? All you have to do is fill in your details below to get your free ebook right away!