Here are our top tips for making 2016 in to your healthiest and happiest year yet!

  • Train like a pro athlete, no matter what level you are.
  • Exercise more. No one has EVER regretted a great workout.
  • Define your “game-changing” move in 2016. What’s it going to be? Then get it done!
  • Take more risks. You gotta play BIG this year!
  • Track your success. Always keep a record of how far you’ve come and not of how far you’ve got to go.
  • Do something that scares you every day. It’s OK to be scared.
  • Get 1% better every day.
  • Know your “Big 5 for the Year.” These are the 5 most important things that you need to make happen by the end of 2016 to truly make it the best year of your life.
  • Read your “Big 5 for Life” every morning. These are the 5 things that you MOST want to accomplish in your lifetime.
  • Be the most positive person you know. Inspire others with your attitude and what you do with it!
  • Check out our Online Training Guide and start to feel the benefits of specialized, sport specific training!
  • Write your eulogy and then live your life backwards.
  • Post affirmations on your bathroom mirror.
  • Professionals execute & get results. No excuses.
  • Strive to be ‘World Class’ in all you do.
  • Try yoga or pilates. And stretch more often!
  • Get a massage at least one time per month. It’s good to relax and take stock.
  • You can’t out-train a bad diet. Clean it up!. 6-pack abs are made in the kitchen. Eat higher quality foods, eat every 3 hours, and eat for fuel—not for comfort!
  • If you want more, GIVE more.
  • Eliminate excuses.
  • Work hard so that you can play harder! 

We have so many resources to help you achieve what you want to achieve this year so please get in touch or check out our various Exercise Guides and Online Training Guides.


Make 2016 your best year yet!!